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What the heck_FC was fine_reset my PC,now graphx shot

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Hey guys,

I dont get it,,,I had Farcry Running fine last week,,and the week before,,ect,,Just today,I reset my PC to factory specs..)clean out everything...So I reload FC,my graphic card ect (Nvidia Geforce FX5200) and now FC looks like hell,,when I can see it...(first,after The Jack an Jane? title screen pops up,,the screen goes black,,sound plays tho..And I dont see any of the other title screens till the main menu screen comes up,,(were you should technically see the arial view,flying around the island,,NOW however,I do not see that,,I have the choices to clik on,but no view,,just a greenblue flashing blank screen for a background,I started a new game to see if anything else was up,,,and there is a lot of triangular polys around characters,objects,,and you can see sky sometimes thru interior doors,just a really weird setup,,I've spent the last 3 hours reading the forums,,havent found anything other then updateing drivers ect..(which I am Dling right now..(however,,I was running fine before,with no updates....what gives?? any ideas? 

Please help

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