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What is happening behind the scenes?


Hey guys,

I'm a German .NET and web programmer in the mid 20s who wants to start developing games for mobile devices. I wanted to start with simple things, so any big engines are out of my view. I've no interest in a huge 3D engine that simulates 2D by using an orthographic camera. It's just so heavy, so the deployment files are. Since I'm a C# developer and worked with Xamarin a little before, I was looking at ocosSharp. It's not a bad engine, but it still has tons of bugs and the last commit is over a year old. People said to use UrhoSharp instead, but this would be 2D in a 3D space for 2D games, such as Unity does, again. 

I literally searched hours and hours, watched videos and checked communities over and over again. Since game development is new to me, I need a good community that replies to questions and provides good examples and tutorials.Then I found LÖVE and I'm very satisfied by it's simplicity, the documentation and you, the community, that is super helpful and friendly from all I've read on this forum so far. So I want to give it a shot. Now I haven't dig into the distribution topic of LÖVE games for mobile devices so far. So I wonder, how is the LÖVE team and Martin Felis deploying the LUA files to the system in detail? I know the whole game will be in source in the *.love file. But what does the wrapper exactly do? Is it an app that extracts the *.love file and interprets the LUA files and draws all the things of my game natively? Is there some sort of intermediate language in between?

Please help

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