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Desktop icons backup for windows 10

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I used to work with desktopOK to save my desktop icons and their location when running windows 7.
DesktopOK does not work very well with windows 10. Also, I was told that it became a dangerous invader.
So I wrote the following bat file to save the desktop icons. 
It does not solve my need because it does not save the icons' location, just a copy of the desktop.
In addition, instead of creating a file called icons+date as I wanted, it creates a second file also called desktop in the Y: directory. It is a mess having those two files side by side both called desktop. Windows gets crazy. 
So my first question is: what is wrong with my bat file? Secondly? Is there a way to add icon location?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.


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