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GraphX for .NET v2.3.6 released!

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+ Added edge endpoint calculation for rotated vertex that use ellipse, circle and rectangle math shape
+ Added VertexControl::LabelAttached and LabelDetached events which fires when new label is attached to VertexControl or detached from it
+ Added new parameter to GraphArea::UpdateParallelEdgesData(Dictionary<TEdge, EdgeControl> edgeList) to be able to specify edges list to parse for parallelization instead of full edge list parse
+ Added support for object visbility and attachable labels to GraphX serialization data
+ Added ZoomControl::ResetKeyBindings() method to clear all (incl default) set key bindings
+ Fixed ZoomControl dynamic content switch to corectly refresh viewfinder
+ Improved ZoomControl handling with disabled animation
+ Renamed ZoomControl::IsAnimationDisabled to IsAnimationEnabled and changed the logic according the modification
+ Renamed ZoomControl::MaximumZoomStep to ZoomStep and updated description
+ Implemented easy ZoomControl key bindings with BindKey() method and exposed base commands for zoom and pan actions to be able to bind keys for them
+ Some class refactoring

Go to the archive & sources download page
NuGet version is also available

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