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GraphX for .NET PRO version 1.0.0 is OUT NOW!

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Greetings everyone! 

  Today we proudly announce the release of the GraphX for .NET PRO 1.0.0 version which is planned as our mainstream product!  We have a great plans for it so you may expect more features and content to be added soon followed by special highlights. Feel free to read through this announce and ask us questions if you'll have some.



So, what's inside?


  GraphX PRO utilizes open-source GraphX logic core making possible for you to use all the algorithms from this version and all the possible custom algorithms you already have. This also allows us to create new PRO algorithms compatible with open-source GraphX which is still a great visualization tool for templated interactive graphs.

  Using the PRO version you gain access to a set of new high performance controls designed to handle large data graphs in WPF and UWA environments by utilizing the low-level rendering techniques. These controls allows you to build your graph visualization from scratch skipping the heavy XAML templates and optimize overall performance by using fast and efficient graph object techniques.

  We also have an performance-tweaked zoom control and additional layout algorithms to play with. For example this highly customizable Radial Layout Algorithm can do the magic with the tree data graphs.


Here are some GraphX PRO highlights we have to offer you:

  • New controls for maximum rendering performance you can achieve in WPF. New low-level rendering techniques and plenty of performance optimizations allowed us to create controls better suitable for large data graph rendering and visualization. Also we have more performant ZoomControl to offer.
  • New layout algorithms for better tree graph visualization with different configurable options, including Radial Tree Layout. Expect more algorithms to come soon.
  • Extended support for both FREE and PRO GraphX products including the access to VIP customers area on the forums and guaranteed quick responses on all the questions related to GraphX and derived projects.
  • Priority version updates and feature requests. Access to requested hotfixes in any desirable form and ability to request minor new features with top priority mark.
  • More tools to work with will be added in the future  including new algorithms, controls and much more.
  • Special discounts and offers for other services including GraphX-based paid project development and feature implementation!
  • On-demand source code access that includes full GraphX PRO source code sharing and support
The Requirements?


  We want to supply our customers with the best software possible so we have to use modern tools to achieve the best performance and usability


GraphX for .NET PRO software requirements as follows:

  • Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition or higher (for sample projects)
  • .NET Framework 4.5* or higher 
* Compatibility with other framework versions is a subject for a discussion, feel free to contact us



What about the license?


  GraphX for .NET PRO utilize subscription based licensing model which means you can get new product versions while your license is active and continue to use them even when your license is expired. You won't be able to use new product releases after your license is expired and you have to renew it to be able to do so. Each license is valid for one developer only but if you want to purchase GraphX PRO for many developers you can always contact with the Sales Department.


Check the subscription details on our new web-sites:



Have Something Special?


Sure! We want to thank all our contributors and give them life-time -15% discount for indie and professional bundles if you'd contributed to GraphX before the PRO version release.

We appreciate your work and hope to see you working with us on the free open-source GraphX version.

Remember, buying our products also helps to push forward our open-source projects! ;)



For all the questions regarding the GraphX PRO please contact or use the order form below




** The text given above is not a public offer

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