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  1. So after 100th try I managed to compile it. I'm not yet sure it's all well, but it compiled everything without error (only with few warnings). The problems I found: After loading the solution, all PCL projects in it didn't have any "Target frameworks" set (in Properties under Library tab). I'm not sure if that is intentional, some bug in one of our VS, or some problem somewhere else ? * I manually set Target frameworks for YAXLib.PCL.Common, GraphX.PCL.Logic, GraphX.PCL.Common to ".Net Framework 4.0.3 and higher" and "Silverlight 4 and higher". If I set Target frameworks to also "Windows Phone 7 and higher" and ".NET for Windows Store apps" (which I , maybe wrongly, guessed is Metro) it did not compile, unable to find some data type (Hash.. ?) in System.Collections.Generic in some sources of GraphX.PCL.Logic I think. * Then I used Manage Nuget packages \ Restore on solution. If I did this as 1st step, Nuget gave error that wrong versions of libs (QuickGraph) are installed by Nuget and should be reinstalled. (?) * Then the solution compiled. Anybody makes any sense of this ? (Cause I don't
  2. Hi, I wanted to try to move to GraphX PCL version. I am very new to PCL, so please pardon possible newbie question. I didn't find any precompiled libs for PCL version available for download so I got sources from Git and tried to compile them. (I got thru few problems as that I possibly didn't have .Net 4.0.3 installed (properly) and VisualStudio2010 that I use doesn't support PCL by default, and Nuget never automaticaly repair missing libs for me etc.) I basically ended at this warning, that shows right after loading the solution: Its shown for GraphX.PCL.Common, GraphX.PCL.Logic and YAXLib.PCL.Common . If I try to build I get about 10 more errors about missing namespaces etc. but I guess they may all stem from above problem. I decoded that Profile143 means this PCL targets * Windows Desktop (WPF & WinForms on Windows XP SP3 and later)* Microsoft Silverlight 4-5 (WIP, only logic core is available)* Windows Metro 8 and later (WIP, only logic core is available)* Windows Phone 8 (WIP, only logic core is available) and later confirmed it on your Git page (stupid me for not reading all the info there 1st So my only guess right now is that since Im trying to compile the projects on WinXP with VS2010 -> I don't have support for some of the higher .Net fw versions above 4.0.3 -> that are needed for building PCL with Metro 8 or WinPhone 8 support. Am I on the right track or .. ? Also would it be possible to get compiled lib files for PCL ver. ? And will I be able to use them even though I don't have all the frameworks installed ? Again sorry if my deductions or questions are nonsensical, Im totaly green regarding PCL. Thanks
  3. GraphX does support edge labels. It seems that by default EdgeLabelControl doesn't have a (visible) Control Template assigned, so it's there, but it displays nothing and we can't see it. (Please Panther correct me if I'm wrong.) To make it visible you have to define a Template for it in XAML, in some ResourceDictionary file. Like so: <ResourceDictionary xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/presentation" xmlns:x="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml" xmlns:graphxctrls="clr-namespace:GraphX;assembly=GraphX.Controls"> <Style TargetType="{x:Type graphxctrls:EdgeLabelControl}"> <Setter Property="Foreground" Value="Black" /> <Setter Property="Template"> <Setter.Value> <ControlTemplate TargetType="{x:Type graphxctrls:EdgeLabelControl}"> <Grid> <Border Background="LightGray" CornerRadius="8"> <ContentPresenter Margin="3" TextBlock.TextAlignment="Center" /> </Border> </Grid> </ControlTemplate> </Setter.Value> </Setter> </Style> </ResourceDictionary> You can find out this, and more, by looking at sources of Example projects in GraphX source. GraphX doesn't seem to have much of documentation / tutorial for this kind of stuff (being a one-man free project).
  4. You are a fast fixer ! Thanks!
  5. Here is the project http://temp.pixellive.net/CharactersDiagram_test_project.rar 100 % repro on the issue. Sometimes the EdgeLabels are just a bit off-center, so its not that visible. Sometimes on 1st run, sometimes few relayouts usually get it into state where labels are totally misplaced. (I develop, compile and run it on Win XP SP3, MS VS 2010, latest .Net available on XP (which is 4.5 I think))
  6. Fist of all, thanks a lot for working on GraphX PantheR ! I created small test app using GraphX and found an issue with Edge Labels. When one of VertexControls has bigger Height or Width then the rest, Edge Labels of Edges connecing with it are misplaced (see attached screens). The App is bare bone, using code from your Simple graph example, LinLog algo for Vertices layout, FSA for overlap, and no algo for Edges. LogicCore.DefaultLayoutAlgorithm = GraphX.LayoutAlgorithmTypeEnum.LinLog; LogicCore.DefaultLayoutAlgorithmParams = LogicCore.AlgorithmFactory.CreateLayoutParameters(GraphX.LayoutAlgorithmTypeEnum.LinLog); LogicCore.DefaultOverlapRemovalAlgorithm = GraphX.OverlapRemovalAlgorithmTypeEnum.FSA; LogicCore.DefaultOverlapRemovalAlgorithmParams = LogicCore.AlgorithmFactory.CreateOverlapRemovalParameters(GraphX.OverlapRemovalAlgorithmTypeEnum.FSA); (LogicCore.DefaultOverlapRemovalAlgorithmParams as OverlapRemovalParameters).HorizontalGap = 50; (LogicCore.DefaultOverlapRemovalAlgorithmParams as OverlapRemovalParameters).VerticalGap = 50; The Templates for Controls are simple Borders. The one for EdgeControl was taken from one of your examples. Using graphx ver 2.0.2. Can somebody see a problem in what I'm doing from top of a head or is this possibly a bug ?