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  2. Hi, Do you think GraphX is capable of being used to draw SCXML state charts, e.g. something like this? I've experimented with GraphX and can see it's very good at rendering nodes/vertices connected by lines/edges. However, for a state chart it must also be possible to group vertices (i.e. states) inside other vertices, as can be seen in the linked diagram above. Is this possible? Thanks.
  3. Hi, When trying to start the game, it will be locked in the screen below. I've left it for hours and nothing else happens. When trying to start the game, it will be locked in the screen below. I've left it for hours and nothing else happens. For More Details: Corporate Advertising Campaign
  4. Hi, To test your installation was successful, do the following: Open Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 Create a New MonoGame Project (under New Project -> Visual C#, select MonoGame Windows Project) Start the Project If you see a window with a cornflower blue background, everything is good! For More Details: Medical Video Animation
  5. Hi, I recall seeing a post by Andy, in the iPad features forum indicating that an update was due around the end of December. Is this update a 'general' release or just another beta user update? A number of updates featured in the beta would certainly be nice to have, especially improvements to iOS file sharing. Having said that I still find Affinity Photo an amazing app in its current form! For More Details: B2B Digital Marketing
  6. Hi, I am a student and I am new to IBM Watson analytics. I would like to learn to use it for my machine learning projects. Could you please tell me where could I find documentations as well as tutorials on the subjects? I am well verse in python and R , and may I ask if Watson analytics could integrate with python / R ? Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: Blockchain Advertising Examples
  7. Hello, I used to work with desktopOK to save my desktop icons and their location when running windows 7. DesktopOK does not work very well with windows 10. Also, I was told that it became a dangerous invader. So I wrote the following bat file to save the desktop icons. It does not solve my need because it does not save the icons' location, just a copy of the desktop. In addition, instead of creating a file called icons+date as I wanted, it creates a second file also called desktop in the Y: directory. It is a mess having those two files side by side both called desktop. Windows gets crazy. So my first question is: what is wrong with my bat file? Secondly? Is there a way to add icon location? Please help. Thanks I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: B2B Video Production Tips
  8. Hello, I love building 3D games and I usually build them natively in OpenGL on either iOS or Android but I want to focus my effect and do it on a cross platform technology. I have played with Unity which is super impressive but for some reason it does not float my boat. So I am looking for a cross platform 3D engine with support for object loading, animation, VBO etc Both Monogame and LibGDX seem to be popular but most of what I read is always towards 2D games. Not 3D. I want a minimum of iOS, android and desktop support of some sort. I tried OpenGLView in Xamarin (forms) and this died horrible on android, it's has some real issues. Please help. Thanks I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: B2B Video Advertising
  9. Hi, I'm a beginner. I would like to add one label (the label is a number) at the begin and one at the end of the edge line (see picture). Please could anybody give me some help? Thank you in advance
  10. We have updated forum engine to the most recent version. If you'll find any problems please do not hesitate to contact administration. Thank you!
  11. GraphX is in the maintenance mode currently. Merged all pull requests and fixing reported bugs.
  12. This is tricky. Group background itself is a simple border, so you can add some mouse handling events for it and store a link that will point that this particular Border is for particular vertex group. So when you drag your Border you can iterate through related vertices and translate them to new coordinates according to the dragged Border. This approach will require a lot of coordinates calculations. As of collapseble groups you can try to implement custom Filter which will hide/show group vertices and add/remove an edge instead of them.
  13. Hi, i've never tried it, but you can try to specify GroupingLayoutAlgorithm as the primary GroupingLayoutAlgorithm parameter so the vertices in a primary group can be layouted by some secondary group.
  14. Hi, I took your Showcase example which is very good and in particular I took in consideration the grouping feature. I'm trying to create a graph with groups where each group can have sub-groups. Do you have an idea how I can reach this goal? Thank you.
  15. Hi, I'm using your library for one of my projects and first of all I would like to thank you for the very good library provided. I your Showcase WPF application you have also created a Grouped layout so that some vertex can be grouped in a limited space and over the graphic area you rendered a rectangle for the group. I would like to use the same grouped layout and add some features I need: - each group can be dragged - each group can be collapsed to an edge (optional) Can you please suggest me how I can use your library / code to make the groups draggable? Thank you, Luca
  16. Hello Tom, sorry for no response. The mail system is out of order again There is no default support for center point, but you can use EdgeLabel for that, as it is placed in the center of the line. Or you can check edge generation code to get the math behind the edge center calculation and then use own EdgeControl implementation for this,
  17. I have seen the update which allows for source and target pointers to be added using the "PART_EdgePointerForTarget" and "PART_EdgePointerForSource" names on DefaultEdgePointers. I was wondering if there is any support for a central pointer. A diode symbol shows roughly what I'm talking about: The actual shape of the pointer is irrelevant since the template can just be given whatever path I want, I am purely asking for placement in the centre of the line purposes. Thanks, Tom
  18. Hello. This is the exact same issue that is described in this GitHub issue that was posted: Reproducible 100% of the time with a single Vertex and 0 Edges on the graph. Is there any light you can shed on the issue further? We are currently using version 2.3.6. If you would like any further information I would be happy to provide it. Thanks, Tom
  19. Hi, to begin with: Thank you for GraphX! I used it already for two mini tools and it just works so fine!!! Now, I am about to create a third tool. In that tool, some graph hierarchy should be included. There are about 10 graphs with about 100 vertices each. The goal is to draw a top level graph with that 10 vertices, 1 for each graph. Then, I want to provide 2 options: (Black boxes = zoomcontrols) 1. Image: The user should be able to click on 2 of that 10 vertices. In a second and third zoomcontrol (possibly contained by 2 vertices in an underlying zoomcontrol... would be a graph in a vertex then), the two graphs are shown next to eachother and the edges which exist between that 2 graphs are shown. The new zoomcontrols also can be 1 instead of 2, but the clear seperation somehow has to be there (a line would be totaly awesome). 2. and 3. Image: The user should be able to click on a vertex or two of them and these vertices are replaced by their containing graphs. Are these things possible with GraphX? What are the steps you would recommend? Are there any things already implemented? Which things do I need to implement by myself at a minimum? ... and a 1000 more questions... Greetings, XDskynet
  20. Now also on Twitter: Latest source code with specified changes is available on GitHub Version 2.3.7 WIP DETAILED CHANGELOG: - Added edge drag functionality to be able to reattach edge to another vertex (thanks to LaborJos) - Fixed SimpleTreeLayout vertex sizes supplement (thanks to edgardozoppi) - Fixed and improved parallel edge handling (thanks to perturbare) - Fixed RemoveEdge() method were not removing edges from data graph (thanks to perturbare) - Removed METRO support and example - Added UAP (UWP) support for Windows 10+ platform (VS2017) - Minor bugfixes
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