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  2. Hey guys, I dont get it,,,I had Farcry Running fine last week,,and the week before,,ect,,Just today,I reset my PC to factory specs..)clean out everything...So I reload FC,my graphic card ect (Nvidia Geforce FX5200) and now FC looks like hell,,when I can see it...(first,after The Jack an Jane? title screen pops up,,the screen goes black,,sound plays tho..And I dont see any of the other title screens till the main menu screen comes up,,(were you should technically see the arial view,flying around the island,,NOW however,I do not see that,,I have the choices to clik on,but no view,,just a greenblue flashing blank screen for a background,I started a new game to see if anything else was up,,,and there is a lot of triangular polys around characters,objects,,and you can see sky sometimes thru interior doors,just a really weird setup,,I've spent the last 3 hours reading the forums,,havent found anything other then updateing drivers ect..(which I am Dling right now..(however,,I was running fine before,with no updates....what gives?? any ideas? Please help I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References:!-Forums App video company Thanks
  3. Hey guys, I'm a German .NET and web programmer in the mid 20s who wants to start developing games for mobile devices. I wanted to start with simple things, so any big engines are out of my view. I've no interest in a huge 3D engine that simulates 2D by using an orthographic camera. It's just so heavy, so the deployment files are. Since I'm a C# developer and worked with Xamarin a little before, I was looking at ocosSharp. It's not a bad engine, but it still has tons of bugs and the last commit is over a year old. People said to use UrhoSharp instead, but this would be 2D in a 3D space for 2D games, such as Unity does, again. I literally searched hours and hours, watched videos and checked communities over and over again. Since game development is new to me, I need a good community that replies to questions and provides good examples and tutorials.Then I found LÖVE and I'm very satisfied by it's simplicity, the documentation and you, the community, that is super helpful and friendly from all I've read on this forum so far. So I want to give it a shot. Now I haven't dig into the distribution topic of LÖVE games for mobile devices so far. So I wonder, how is the LÖVE team and Martin Felis deploying the LUA files to the system in detail? I know the whole game will be in source in the *.love file. But what does the wrapper exactly do? Is it an app that extracts the *.love file and interprets the LUA files and draws all the things of my game natively? Is there some sort of intermediate language in between? Please help I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: Business video agency Thanks
  4. Hey guys, First of all, thank you for a really great product and excellent support.I am currently attempting to port my game to Monogame, from Unity. My game is quite complex in terms of it's systems, and Unity's ancient Mono implementation is a major headache. I heard that you are in the process of creating a MonoGame implemention, would it be possible to get a look at it, even in an early state? I would really like to experiment with it. Please help I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: Business video company Thanks
  5. Hi. I was trying to figure out if it was worth the effort to certify a prime and I wondered if there was a table somewhere showing the expected effort needed to do so with some program(s).Come to think of it, this would be useful for a lot of other things as well -- effort needed to find a factor of a given size with ECM, effort needed to crack a composite with NFS, etc.Does anyone know of a resource like that? Even just a thread? Please help I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: Business video studio Thanks
  6. Hello, I was playing around with M$ Project for a paper I was taking which has since finished. I was only using the trial version, and the trial period has run out. However, I'm thinking about increasing my study workload, and I stated thinking about project management software. It would probably overkill, but at minimum, making up a Gnatt chart to keep me on track with assignments and book work etc might be pretty useful. Even just going through the exercise of planning the trimester and seeing where I will be stretched, time wise, would be good information to know. So, does anyone have any open source or even web based project management software experience? Please help I didn't find the right solution from the internet.References: Professional video production Thanks
  7. Hello, I have Bar chart with X Axis Region Name and Y Axis with Revenue and showing the value for Month wise. This is fine. Now my issue is i need to display Region Name in the X axis in certain order so i have maintain the Sequence Number in the database so i will sort based on this Sequence number, but in the graph i don't want to show the Display Number, but it is Displaying like 1/KL 2/Sin...... I want to Remove 1/ 2/ from displaying the graph. Please note if i remove that sequence nUmber from table region name will not give in proper Order Please help I didn't find the right solution from the internet.References: Animated Explainer Video Thanks
  8. Hi! Thanks for a great package, its really helping out a lot. I am trying to draw my own vertices and edges in order to map a number of things on them, but the only thing resembling an OnPaint method to override are the OnRender methods of the custom generated controls I generated. However overriding OnRender only allows me to draw my own vertices and edges over/in addition to the old ones. Could you point me to the code where the actual drawing of the vertices and elements takes place? I'm Working in WinForms by the way. Kind regards, Bastiaan example.tiff In the example, I was able to arrange the vertices to the top left corner by using the ArrangeOverride method in my GraphArea class. Edit: In addition: I am trying to get the grouped layout algorithm to work, however I am unable to pass the algorithm to the standard algorithmfactory and cant set a new algorithmfactory. Are there tutorials or documentations on implementing grouped layouts? P.S. I am working without an XAML file.
  9. After a quite long break in dev process GraphX got some improvements. Recent updates made it UAP compatible and brought some new features like multiple edge labels.
  10. Should be fixed in the latest version
  11. Hi, you can look at the showcase app. There is an example of grouped vertices rendering and layout. I can't tell if this will help you to work with SCXML charts as it wasn't built with this in mind.
  12. Hi, sorry for late responce but this feature is available in the latest GraphX sources. You can add multiple attached edge labels and assign LabelHorizontalOffset property for each of them.
  13. Hi, Do you think GraphX is capable of being used to draw SCXML state charts, e.g. something like this? I've experimented with GraphX and can see it's very good at rendering nodes/vertices connected by lines/edges. However, for a state chart it must also be possible to group vertices (i.e. states) inside other vertices, as can be seen in the linked diagram above. Is this possible? Thanks.
  14. Hi, I'm a beginner. I would like to add one label (the label is a number) at the begin and one at the end of the edge line (see picture). Please could anybody give me some help? Thank you in advance
  15. We have updated forum engine to the most recent version. If you'll find any problems please do not hesitate to contact administration. Thank you!
  16. GraphX is in the maintenance mode currently. Merged all pull requests and fixing reported bugs.
  17. This is tricky. Group background itself is a simple border, so you can add some mouse handling events for it and store a link that will point that this particular Border is for particular vertex group. So when you drag your Border you can iterate through related vertices and translate them to new coordinates according to the dragged Border. This approach will require a lot of coordinates calculations. As of collapseble groups you can try to implement custom Filter which will hide/show group vertices and add/remove an edge instead of them.
  18. Hi, i've never tried it, but you can try to specify GroupingLayoutAlgorithm as the primary GroupingLayoutAlgorithm parameter so the vertices in a primary group can be layouted by some secondary group.
  19. Hi, I took your Showcase example which is very good and in particular I took in consideration the grouping feature. I'm trying to create a graph with groups where each group can have sub-groups. Do you have an idea how I can reach this goal? Thank you.
  20. Hi, I'm using your library for one of my projects and first of all I would like to thank you for the very good library provided. I your Showcase WPF application you have also created a Grouped layout so that some vertex can be grouped in a limited space and over the graphic area you rendered a rectangle for the group. I would like to use the same grouped layout and add some features I need: - each group can be dragged - each group can be collapsed to an edge (optional) Can you please suggest me how I can use your library / code to make the groups draggable? Thank you, Luca
  21. Hello. This is the exact same issue that is described in this GitHub issue that was posted: Reproducible 100% of the time with a single Vertex and 0 Edges on the graph. Is there any light you can shed on the issue further? We are currently using version 2.3.6. If you would like any further information I would be happy to provide it. Thanks, Tom
  22. Hi, to begin with: Thank you for GraphX! I used it already for two mini tools and it just works so fine!!! Now, I am about to create a third tool. In that tool, some graph hierarchy should be included. There are about 10 graphs with about 100 vertices each. The goal is to draw a top level graph with that 10 vertices, 1 for each graph. Then, I want to provide 2 options: (Black boxes = zoomcontrols) 1. Image: The user should be able to click on 2 of that 10 vertices. In a second and third zoomcontrol (possibly contained by 2 vertices in an underlying zoomcontrol... would be a graph in a vertex then), the two graphs are shown next to eachother and the edges which exist between that 2 graphs are shown. The new zoomcontrols also can be 1 instead of 2, but the clear seperation somehow has to be there (a line would be totaly awesome). 2. and 3. Image: The user should be able to click on a vertex or two of them and these vertices are replaced by their containing graphs. Are these things possible with GraphX? What are the steps you would recommend? Are there any things already implemented? Which things do I need to implement by myself at a minimum? ... and a 1000 more questions... Greetings, XDskynet
  23. Now also on Twitter: Latest source code with specified changes is available on GitHub Version 2.3.8 WIP DETAILED CHANGELOG: - Implemented multiple labels logic for edges. Now you can display multiple labels across the edge - Added LabelHorizontalOffset property for labels which offsets labels along the edge given some offset value in total edge length percent CODE CHANGES: - Properties ShowLabel,LabelVerticalOffset,AlignLabelsToEdges moved from EdgeControlBase to EdgeLabelControl class - Property AlignLabelsToEdges renamed to AlignToEdge - Property EdgeControlBase.EdgeLabelControl renamed to EdgeLabelControls and now has IList<IEdgeLabelControl> type - Added new method IList<SysRect> EdgeControlBase.GetLabelSizes() - Added new method IList<IEdgeLabelControl> EdgeControlBase.GetLabelControls() - GraphArea.ShowAllEdgesLabels() method now has one-time effect and will not be reapplied after relayout - GraphArea.ShowAllEdgesLabels() method now has one-time effect and will not be reapplied after relayout - GraphArea.EdgeLabelFactory is now setup up with default factory generating one AttachableEdgeLabelControl - Label factory method CreateLabel() now returns IEnumerable<TResult> to accomodate multiple labels generation during single factory pass OBSOLETE AND REMOVED STUFF: General - Old style arrows are now not supported - Old style edge labels (EdgeLabelControl) are now not supported, make sure to remove it from XAML templates and update your code to use AttachableEdgeLabelControl EdgeControlBase - LabelAngle - GetLabelSize() - SetCustomLabelSize() EdgeControl - LabelMouseDown event removed Other: - showLabel parameter has been removed from all EdgeControl constructors and factories
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